VI Electoral Technology Workshop (WTE)


Brazil has been increasing the adoption of computerized elements in its elections. Since the first implementation of electronic voting machines in 1996, several technologies have been continuously incorporated into the system, including security hardware components, biometrics, among others. The participation of the academia, in particular of researchers focused on the Information Security field, in this e-voting strategy is important to promote solutions delivering robustness, confidence, and auditability on par with state-of-the-art election systems worldwide. Ultimately, this collaboration makes it possible to distinguish misguided and fallacious criticisms, very common in recent years, from real points of improvement in the system.

Important Dates

  • Registration and submission of short talks: July, 30 – 2023 changed to July, 31 2023
  • Notification to authors: August, 13 – 2023

The VI Workshop on Electoral Technology is a scientific gathering organized as a satellite event of the XXIII Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg 2023). The main goal of WTE is to promote research in electoral technology, bringing together the Brazilian community of researchers and professionals interested in issues related to electronic voting.

Tópicos de Interesse

  • Electronic electoral systems auditing
  • Security analysis of (and attacks against) existing systems
  • Authentication and registration of voters
  • Legal aspects and standards in electronic voting
  • Formal assessment of e-voting security requirements and properties
  • Mechanisms for independent verification of election results
  • Mechanisms aimed at increasing electoral transparency
  • Design of new electronic voting systems
  • Solutions to protect vote secrecy and integrity of results
  • Cryptographic protocols for electronic voting
  • Cryptographic primitives with applications to electronic voting
  • Voting systems in production or under development
  • Usability and accessibility in electoral technology
  • Secure voting with physical ballots or via the Internet

Instructions for Authors

This year, WTE will accept only proposals for short talks. Proposals submitted must take the form of an abstract containing up to 2 (two) pages in PDF format, following the SBC format, through the SBC JEMS system. The WTE organizing committee will evaluate all submissions, and accepted proposals will be published in the extended proceedings of SBSeg.

Longer manuscripts involving electoral technology, having enough pages to become complete or short papers, should be submitted to the SBSeg Main Track. Nevertheless, authors who conduct research or work in election technology are strongly encouraged to submit both an article to the Main Track and a proposed talk for the WTE.

Organizing Committee

VI WTE Coordinators
Marcos Antonio Simplicio Junior (USP)
Paulo Matias (UFSCAR)
Roberto Samarone Dos Santos Araujo (UFPA)

SBSeg 2023 General Coordinators
Alex Borges Vieira (UFJF)
Edelberto Franco Silva (UFJF)

CESeg Coordinators
Igor Moraes (UFF)
Marcos Antonio Simplicio Junior (USP)